Food Writing, From my Perspective…

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

“Food Writing, From my Perspective…” Was Here

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As it comes to me, food writing is all about observation. Observations on the way people eat, how food is made, how it is grown and produced, what people do with the food, what people pay for the food, and so much more.

A topic I like to observe is the way people eat food. From a distance I sat watching people. There were people that were eating with their forks, chopsticks, and their hands. There were people who ate with their napkins in their laps and then there were the people who had no napkin at all. I was at a food court, so there were a variety of different kinds of foods. People were ordering Italian food such as pizza, all the way to Chinese food. Other kinds of foods included different kinds of barbeque, sandwiches, Japanese food, Mexican food, and Indian food. There were people sitting in groups and there were people that were just eating alone. While I was observing there were many conversations going on. As time went by I noticed that there were people putting Parmesan cheese on their pizza. Personally, I don’t like the additional cheese on my pizza, but some people really think that it makes it taste better. In addition, there were many people eating burgers and fries for their wonderful Friday lunch. They were enjoying their greasy burgers and oily fries with their fingers. There are so many different kinds of American foods that call for eating with your hands. I think that if us Americans were restricted from eating with our hands, it would be pretty silly eating burgers and fries with a fork and knife.

Another observation I made was watching how people ordered their food and how much they would pay for it. Now a days, restaurants make deals to make the food cheaper, so people will feel the obligation to go out and eat. These kinds of deals at restaurants are what help save people money because people who don’t have the money to go out, they think that these deals are cheap enough to go out. The logical thing would be for everybody to go for these deals because they are just simply cheaper. The cheaper the better. There were many tables where the people got a bigger and more expensive plate but just split it up between two people. There were also other people who got the bigger portion and took the leftovers home, and I’m assuming that they would eat it later for a different meal. Which would save them money also. But then there were those people who ordered a bunch of food, and only ate some of it and left it all there to waste. Those kinds of people obviously have money to waste, or they don’t really care on what they spend their money on.

With so many other observations to have, these two that I focused on were to fulfill my curious needs. My blog was filled with observations that ranged from observing the way people ate, to the way people grew their products. I believe that the unending conversation of food will always continue with various amounts of observations of food. These observations will include facts and opinions, which will keep the conversation never ending.


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