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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

“King Corn” & “America Revealed: Food Machine”

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Watching both “King Corn” and “America Revealed: Food Machine” helped me expand my knowledge of food. They both taught me things about food economically and socially. But in my opinion, “King Corn” was more effective in teaching me things about corn and food production I never knew I would learn.

 “King Corn” is about two guys who wanted to examine the role that the increasing production of corn has had for the American society. They both shared a deep curiosity about the American food distribution system. With that curiosity they set out to grow an acre of corn on their own and see where their crop ends up after harvest.

 Even though “King Corn” is only about corn, it still teaches you what it takes to grow a demanding product of the United States. All agricultural products of the United States go through similar processes that the corn goes through. Learning about the growing process of the corn helped me realize how much of a struggle it is to be in the agricultural business. I felt that this documentary was more relatable because of two friends who shared their experiences and corn adventures. With Curtis and Ian’s personal stories and experiences, it made the documentary that much more relatable and enjoyable. They explained why corn is so important in America because it is the main source of our everyday diets. They showed us how corn is grown from start to finish. They proved that there isn’t much of a difference of how corn was grown from the past to now. Only that the increase of technology helps create more mass production of corn. Ian and Curtis shared a lot of information and facts in “King Corn” but they shared it in ways that were more desirable to learn. They made the information more interesting in ways that made you want to learn more about corn.

 Don’t get me wrong, “America Revealed: Food Machine” was very informative about the agricultural side of food in the United States, but it did not take on the hands on examples and experiences that “King Corn” offered. They shared information of how food was sold, used, grown, and harvest. In my own opinion, this documentary on food production was dramatized to the max to get peoples’ attention. In this documentary the host, Yul Kwon did not share any personal experiences related to food production which to me, made it less interesting. They did do a good job in showing the many different areas of America with food production and their struggles with irrigation, pesticides, and weather.

 “America Revealed: Food Machine” was more informative on many things and shared a lot more factual information rather than personal experiences. It was harder to relate to this kind of documentary because it focused on so many different kinds of foods and processes. One of the things I did enjoy was the virtual map they traced of a pizza delivery guy in New York; it showed how people in America are so dependent on delivery services today. I feel as if “America Revealed: Food Machine” shared too much of a variety of information. They talked about how food travelled, the problems of food production and just about food in general. “King Corn” was better to watch because it only focused on corn and I was able to follow the journey of the corn from start to finish. Therefore, it was easier to understand the struggles and journeys of food production.

 In conclusion, both films were interesting to watch, they were both informative and useful, but if I had to recommend one over the other it would be “King Corn”. It is much more relatable and much more entertaining to watch.


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