Food Writing, From my Perspective…

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

So, Here I am About to Enter into the World of Writing About Food…

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A beginner writer? Or just a writer that has not found her place in the writer’s world yet? I am currently a writer on the rise, ready to take on this blog with creating posts about food that will provide me with opportunities to express myself and it will provide you with continuous information and family stories to broaden your perspective on food.

I dread reading boring, dry, and useless things. I have to admit that I am definitely not the type of person you will catch reading the daily news outside next to the fountain. But, I definitely get excited about reading articles about food and I love responding to them with my own thoughts and opinions. I do not have much experience with the many genres of writing, but I am willing to learn along the way and expand my knowledge.

Writing about food? I love food. I have never found writing enjoyable because I have always had to compose essays and research papers, nothing on topics that I actually wanted to write about. And even though I am not the best writer, I know that writing about the topic about the one thing I love most in this world will make me enjoy writing more and more as time goes on. A college professor of mine always said that there is no such thing as a good writer or a bad writer, but I have to admit I know that writing is my weaker subject. I know this because I know I haven’t practiced writing in ways I know that could help me succeed. Hopefully this blog will help me become a better writer, let alone a writer who definitely knows how to share their own opinion.

In the future, I see myself loving food more than I do now. Now, let us all read, write and express our voices about food!


One thought on “So, Here I am About to Enter into the World of Writing About Food…

  1. Welcome! Your “bring it on” attitude comes through strongly with your language choice in phrases like, “I will be able to handle…help me form and(sic) stronger voice…I am ready” It’s helpful to know yourself and acknowledge that the amount of reading may be challenging. I hope you’re able to connect how the techniques evident in the readings can act as models for your own voice.

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